10 Best AI Tools for Coding to Help Programmers

10 Best AI Tools for Coding in 2024

Hey developers! People might say coding is easy, but you only know what happens behind the screens. Well, it’s time to embrace the latest revolutionary invention, AI, for better and instant assistance. Let’s explore about the best AI Tools for coding in this article!

Yes, keep reading to become aware of the pros, cons, features, and pricing details of these AI coding tools. But is it important? Don’t you think that traditional methods of coding and learning are enough? Of course, the guidance of tech experts and books would help you throughout your professional journey.

Still, adapting to the latest trends is also crucial to test the knowledge of both developers and AI tools. Developers can take advantage of this excellent option to enhance their innovative abilities and achieve their career goals. Make sure you choose the best tools to enhance your capabilities. Also, keep in mind that these tools can be used for assistance and not for completing the entire task.

So, let’s take a closer look at the 10 best AI tools for coding in 2024! Here we go…

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Top 10 AI Tools for Coding in 2024

Here are the top 10 AI tools that you can use to simplify coding chores in 2024. Read on!

1. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot - ai tool for coding

The GitHub Copilot AI Tool for Coding is exclusively designed for developers to write better code faster and more efficiently. It gives you suggestions, writes comments, and helps to debug the system. For example, it suggests a block or lines of codes in different variations and languages to users. The consistent learning of the AI tool creates a huge demand for this AI coding tool in the tech world.

Key Features of GitHub Copilot

● Seamlessly works with different IDEs like Visual Studio Code, Intellij IDEA, Atom, and more
● Identify possible security weaknesses in the code
● Supports multiple languages
● Suggests code and complete functions during coding


● Helps to debug the code
● Maintain code consistency to enhance productivity
● Fast, efficient, and easy


● Beginners may be distracted easily because of automatic AI code completion
● Sometimes, users might get inappropriate suggestions


Free plans are available, along with two premium plans: Team and Enterprise. Visit the official website to get information on the price of the premium plans.

2. Tabnine

Tabnine - ai tool for coding

Get best-in-class code generation with Tabnine, one of the best AI code tools. It includes unique features like auto-completing lines of code, suggesting complete functions, and generating blocks of code based on natural languages. Guess what? Freshers can easily learn code in Tabnine, as it offers free plans for individuals. Plus, this tool can automatically be tailored according to users’ coding style and provides apt solutions for the prompts.

Key Features of Tabnine

● Offers complete function suggestions
● Supports different languages such as Python, TypeScript, Go, and Rust
● Seamless integration with other tools like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab
● Provide code output in 20 programming languages
● Analyze, understand, and adapt to the user’s coding style


● Fast, relevant, and accurate suggestions
● Supports various programming languages
● Free plan lets new users try this AI code tool without any investments


● Setting it up and the learning curve may be quite difficult for some users
● Consumes some time to adapt to a specific user’s coding style


Basic: Free for everyone
Pro Plan: $12 per user per month (Free for 90 days)
Enterprise Plan: $39 per user per month

3. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer - ai tool for coding

Next on our list is Amazon CodeWhisperer. Amazon CodeWhisperer is a great AI Tool for coding for developers working within the IDE or command line. This is because this tool generates code in real time based on the existing comments and code. Tracking references and scanning for threats make CodeWhiperer stand out among the other AI coding tools. Such unique features let the developer meet the security benchmarks in coding.

Key Features of Amazon CodeWhisperer

● Easy to customize
● Generate code suggestions quickly
● Tracking references and easy scans for detecting security threats
● Use it with other platforms such as JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio Code, AWS Cloud9, and more


● Provide code suggestions based on the existing code and comments
● Can filter code suggestions
● Improved code security


● Struggles to handle tough coding tasks
● Sometimes offers inappropriate suggestions


Individual Plan: Free
Professional Plan: $19 per user per month

4. AskCodi

AskCodi - ai tool for coding

At number 4, we have AskCodi. AskCodi is the best AI Tool for coding in 2024. It boasts stunning features like auto-test creators, time complexity insights, and code generators. Switching between 30+ programming languages and multilingual coding is a breeze with AskCodi. Ask your queries to AskCodi to craft code for various applications and uplift your developer journey. Integration of popular editors like Visual Studio, Atom, and Sublime Text offers users extensive support. It prevents errors, enhances productivity, and helps you acquire new skills.

Key Features of AskCodi

● Supports IDE extensions, including VS Code and PyCharm
● Analyze the overall code for bugs, threats, and performances
● Sharing the code snippets is relatively easy
● Provides code in many languages, such as Polish, German, English, etc


● Offer a clear and direct response to the user code
● Generate documentation for your code
● Offers accurate and relevant suggestions
● Seamlessly integrate with a lot of IDEs


● Sometimes, code may be irrelevant and inappropriate
● A bit of a difficult learning curve


Basic plan: Free
Premium plan: $9.99 per user per month
Ultimate Plan: $29.99 per user per month

5. ChatGPT

ChatGPT - ai tool for coding

ChatGPT needs no introduction. This is, in fact, the most revolutionary and versatile AI coding tool that developers can utilize for enhanced coding. Yes, this is one of the best AI-powered coding tools from OpenAI. There are numerous versions of ChatGPT available out there. However, some users feel that the ChatGPT-4 version is more accurate and relevant for coding. You can choose according to your requirements. ChatGPT offers enhanced support; users can learn it from scratch. In addition, users can get assistance with code generation.

Key Features of ChatGPT

● Debug the code and identify the errors
● Generate documentation for your code
● Provides code according to the prompts of the user
● Offers valuable support and suggestions for various endeavors


● Can guide users to learn new programming languages
● Generates code faster and more efficiently
● Used for a variety of coding tasks


● Quite expensive
● More accuracy in paid or premium versions


● Free plan available
Plus: $20 per user per month
Team: $25 per user per month
Enterprise: Customized plans

6. Devin AI

Devin AI - ai tool for coding

Here comes the ultimate game-changer in software development, Devin AI. Devine AI is popularly known as AI buddy. Unlike other AI coding tools, Devin AI is not just an assistant; it is an AI engineer. With the intention of freeing up human developers from the problem-solving sector, Cognition developed an AI buddy called Devin AI. It has the potential to enhance the software development process. This AI doesn’t suggest code; instead, it develops code snippets according to the requirements. In simple terms, Devin AI works like a skilled developer and handles complex tasks using its built-in capabilities.

Key Features of Devin AI

● Full-fledged AI software
● Completely autonomous work independently
● Easily handles the entire project (i.e., end-to-end)
● Generates complete code blocks
● Can efficiently identify and fix bugs within projects


● Achieves a high success rate independently
● Accuracy and independent problem-solving skills
● Streamlined development workflow
● Reduces time in the development process


● Initial learning curve might be difficult
● Lack of human touch


Devin AI is software that you can’t log in through your devices; it is an AI buddy to team up the real software engineers developed by Cognition.

7. Replit GhostWriter

Replit GhostWriter - ai tool for coding

Want to generate error-free and clean code? Then, Replit GhostWriter must be your choice! This AI Tool for coding generates snippets in no time as soon as you start typing the requirements. You can easily integrate the code with IDEs to quickly write, run, and fix code errors. It provides high-quality code without any syntax errors. Replit GhostWriter also has several options, like an AI code generator, code any project, help from community resources, and more. Content creators can also use it to create articles and blog posts effortlessly.

Key Features of Replit GhostWriter

● Real-time collaboration
● Cloud-based AI coding tool
● Generate code in no time
● Easy integration with the IDEs
● Auto-fill the code and avoid syntax errors


● Clear and concise code documentation
● Useful for content creators to generate blogs and articles
● Open-source platform


● Occasional latency may occur
● Exclusive features are available only on premium plans


Starter Plan: Free
Replit Core: $20 per month
Teams: Custom Pricing

8. Codeium

Codeium - ai tool for coding

Next on the list is Codeium. Understanding the existing user’s code base is essential for any AI coding tool, and Codeium includes it as a key feature. So, Codeium is one of the best AI coding platforms for getting enhanced assistance. Other than this, it deeply understands the project’s requirements and users’ coding style. These things help in the generation of accurate and relevant codes. Furthermore, this tool assists users in effectively adhering to project guidelines and maintaining high code quality in large projects.

Key Features of Codeium

● Autocomplete features and new suggestions
● Supports 70 programming languages for enhanced assistance
● Compatible with 40+ editors
● AI-assisted development through 5 stages of code analysis: objectives, inputs, flow, outputs, and additional aspects


● Free plans are convenient
● Can used on various sets of IDEs
● Supports many languages


● Sometimes, the response time is slow
● Notable quality issues are identified


Individual: Forever Free
Teams Plan: $15 per seat per month
Enterprise Plan: Customized according to users’ needs

9. AlphaCode

AlphaCode - ai tool for coding

At number 9, we have AlphaCode. AlphaCode is developed by DeepMind. It promises developers to offer enhanced coding assistance. It is a treasure trove of source code from different language libraries. DeepMind’s AlphaCode offers a seamless and faster code generation experience to every user. In addition, this AI Code Tool assists developers in code automation and provides a set of templates to speed up the development process. Also, it integrates with programming languages and frameworks, making code generation a hassle-free job.

Key Features of AlphaCode

● Auto-completion and suggestions
● Efficient code optimization, error detection, and correction
● Generates code in languages including C++, Java, Haskell, and Python
● Natural language comprehension
● Trained on a GitHub dataset and can generate a million samples for each Codeforces problems


● Organizes samples into clusters for custom test cases
● Available for free on GitHub
● Smart filtering and transformer-based language model


● May offer irrelevant code snippets sometimes


● Forever Free

10. Code by Sourcegraph

Code by Sourcegraph - ai tool for coding

Last but not least is Code by Sourcegraph. Sourcegraph is one of the best AI code generation tools. It offers assistance in debugging, navigating, and automating code. It excels at interpreting natural language comments! This generates new code accurately and provides an unparalleled user experience, which helps developers boost their code quality and reduce the time spent coding. Plus, it extends the support to detecting and assisting in bug resolution. Get relevant code snippets according to the commands.

Key Features of Code by Sourcegraph

● Detect and fix bugs efficiently
● Review the code efficiently
Supports programming languages: Python, Go, TypeScript, and JavaScript
● Swift code location through a plain description, function, or file name


● Debug the code and answer the questions quickly
● Generate accurate code snippets based on your instructions
● Spot the errors in the code snippets and suggest improvements


● Improving UX could enhance the overall user experience
● Additional language support might be useful for developers


● Free plan available
Pro Plan: $9 per user per month
● Enterprise Plan: $19 per user per month

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Bottom Lines

So, this is our list of the 10 best AI Coding Tools in 2024. You can choose the ones that fit your preferences. If you haven’t yet decided which AI Tool to use for coding among the top 10, then here is a tip for you! As a developer, you should first analyze your potential and understand the learning curve of every AI tool on the list. Once you have compared all the tools, you will have a pretty good idea about these tools, and you will be able to make an informed choice of tools at the end. Embracing technological advancements and joining hands with new inventions can help you succeed tremendously in this digital realm and witness great heights in your professional life.

Pro Tip: Even though you succeed in spotting the best AI coding tool, never stop learning. Continuous learning helps meet the evolving requirements of the clients effortlessly.

Happy AI coding… 😊 😊

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